Spiritual Development

Take Your Spirituality To The Next Level.

Spiritual development is something that is important to well-being. Spirituality adds value to one’s life and also helps set a foundation on how to handle life situations. Sometimes there is confusion as to where to begin in terms of being spiritual. Hypnosis is a known tool that spiritual masters use to help further development. It allows us the ability to quiet the mind and listen to the intuition. It also helps us connect to the divine spirit and our higher selves.

Achieve A Spiritual Breakthrough.

If you’re looking to have a breakthrough when it comes to spirituality, hypnosis is the answer for you! We will work with you to train the mind. During a hypnosis session, we will be able to train the mind to be more open to the world around you and tap into something larger. After a few sessions, you will be able to implement this practice in your everyday spirituality. Theses sessions will allow you to understand yourself better and your past lives. We have broken down our program into three sections but can use a combination of all three.

End The Conversations In Your Mind- Raise Consciousness.

There are many things that distract our minds and make them wonder. Every day we spend a large amount of time thinking about things that aren’t happening or never will happen. In order to get past this, you will have to raise consciousness. This keeps our minds distracted from being present to things that actually are happening to us presently. When we are present, we are more likely to see thing things that are directly in front of us.  When the mind is occupied by things that aren’t happening, we may miss out on opportunities in the present. Furthermore, being present prevents us from the worrying that is associated with thinking about the future or the past.

Achieve Goals By Practicing Mindfulness.

Being mindful will allow you to achieve goals. That is because our motivations will not be ended by something that isn’t happening. In order to stay motivated, we have to feel good about what we are doing. If you’re constantly thinking about the future, it will make you not feel good about the present. If you frame your goals in a way that are friendly to you, you will be able to achieve the goals without the burnout. Using hypnosis, we will be able to experience what true mindfulness feels like. Using this understanding, you will be able to achieve mindfulness in everyday situations. When you find yourself being caught up in things that aren’t happening, you will have a reference to the hypnosis session.


A Clear Path To Develop Understanding.

Although hypnosis is a great tool, it will not immediately answer your life purpose questions. One thing that it will do is set the tone for a path that you can follow to develop that understanding. We will be able to see what your subconscious mind is saying without your conscious mind adding addition conversations to it. We will work through the stream of consciousness that comes when you’re fully hypnotized. Using this information, we can make recommendations on where to go or resources to look into after the first session. This will spark an interest in you to begin searching even further. It may be recommended to come back for more sessions after the first session.

Higher Self Therapy is a member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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