Hypnotherapy Programs in Pittsburgh

How does Hypnotherapy Work?

Dr. Joe Turiano uses hypnotherapy for therapeutic purposes.  By activating and addressing both the conscious and the subconscious mind, the process of change and healing can be maximized. With past life regression therapy, using a hypnotic process helps you to access and explore past life memories for healing and self-understanding. If you had a difficult or traumatic event in your past, Dr. Turiano uses unique techniques to help you process the memory.

By leading you to remember the reasons that you started smoking, Dr. Turiano uses a multi-directional approach to help you overcome the smoking habit. In a similar approach to smoking cessation, he helps you uncover the true origins of your weight gain.  The process is aided by giving you some solid, proven practical advice on diet and exercise so that you can have a good overall plan to help you keep the weight off in the future. In Family Constellation Therapy, which is a group process, I help you to explore some hidden origins of your family-related personal issues.

Our Hypnotherapy Programs

There are many aspects of our lives that contribute to overall well-being and health. We have divided our services into categories to address a series of life issues. There may also be several directions in which you are looking to heal. Below you will find the several programs we offer. Within these programs, you will find individualized services to address the life aspect. Each program is designed to address overall health. One hypnosis session may determine that we need to look at a different program. These programs are meant to guide you. The overall hypnotherapy plan will be customized.

Physical Wellness

Emotional Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Development

Past Life Regression Therapy

Hypnotherapy Historical Fact:
While working in India during the 1840’s, Dr. James Esdaiile was able to reduce the death rate for surgical patients from 50% to 5% using hypnosis alone. Hypnosis not only eliminated pain and trauma during surgery, it also eliminated infection without the use of anti

Higher Self Therapy is a member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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