Quantum Energy Healing

All Health is holistic.  As has been known for centuries, there are energies related to thoughts and mental and emotional patterns that affect our health.

Modern science has been somewhat slow to understand this.  Since thoughts cannot be measured with instruments, and emotions are internal, the focus of modern medicine has been on treating the symptoms of illness, rather than the cause.  Modern medicine is effective in doing things like setting broken bones.  With other illnesses, the results are often much less effective.

An Alternative Approach

Joe Turiano is trained in Quantum Energy Healing in a direct apprenticeship in a tradition that goes back to the Asian practice of intuitive medicine.  Quantum Healing is useful for virtually any medical condition.

Joe reads your body’s energy fields for hidden influences that affect health, including past lives, childhood trauma, emotional patterns, stress, imbalance, diet, and other mental, physical, and spiritual causes. He adjusts the natural energy flow of your body to a healthy state through mental energy, and gives you some ideas on how you maintain it.  In many cases, he will recommend a program of diet, exercise, meditation, hypnosis, or stress management in order to enhance your healing results.

The Quantum Healing practice of Energy Medicine he offers is meant to help you heal and discover aspects of yourself now unaware to you on a conscious level. Only with awareness and good practices can you live in harmony with a Divine Inner Force – in full health, full self expression and living a balanced life.

Complementary Treatment

Quantum Healing addresses what is hidden.  In a procedure where the patterns related to holistic healing are analyzed, previously concealed factors in healing are brought to the surface and addressed.  This can unlock the key to healing even chronic illnesses.

Quantum Healing can provide a “missing link” to improving health.

If you are struggling with a challenging illness or condition, give Quantum Healing a try.  It is a good way to address the issue in a way that does not cause side effects and has a a beneficial effect in all areas of life.

(Note: Although Quantum Healing can have powerful effects, it is advised that treatments from a Medical Doctor be continued, if indicated.  This is especially true in the case of serious or chronic conditions.  The sudden withdrawal from medications and other conventional treatments can sometimes cause unexpected problems.)


Higher Self Therapy is a member of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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