Why Hypnotherapy Is a Powerful Way to Create Personal Changes

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Recently, a friend of mine shared a story with me.

He had an experience while under hypnosis where he had a vision of something that had happened during his childhood.  There had been an incident of domestic violence where one family member had physically beaten another member of the family, and he had witnessed the whole thing.

Many years had passed, and my friend had actually completely forgotten the incident on a conscious level. 

Then, with the guidance of a therapist, his perception had expanded while under hypnosis, and he had been able to access the memory.  He saw clearly how the incident had changed his life.

The fear that he had felt when he witnessed the incident had affected him in a powerful way, making an impression on his mind that lasted into his adult years.  He had been too young to understand what had happened at the time, or to process his emotions in such a way as to put everything into perspective. This had led to some lasting issues in his life.

Since then, he has been able to understand himself in a new way.  Patterns of thinking and behavior in his life now make more sense now that he sees how the incident affected him.  New ideas on how to make changes that he has never considered before now occur to him.

Modern therapists have been trained to recognize and diagnose more psychological disorders than ever before. Although the patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion associated with them may be fairly well known, the root cause of these problems is often not well understood.

Traumatic emotional incidents can often play more of a role than anyone might expect.  Incidents of this kind can have a kind of “ripple effect” in the lives of many people.

If the sense of fright and emotional trauma associated related to a certain incident is powerful enough, it can shape the thinking and emotional patterns of people for the rest of their lives, and they may not even have any conscious awareness of it.  These incidents can affect emotional and psychological health, and all aspects of life, including personal relationships and professional interactions.

When hypnosis is used to address these issues, the subconscious mind is brought into play, and traumatic memories that are associated with them can be uncovered and addressed directly.   

This kind of deep work can have a healing effect that medication and some conventional forms of therapy do not.  A deeper understanding can be experienced, creating a real shift. This can lead to deeper personal insights and new directions for personal change.

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