Hypnotherapy for Emotional Health

Begin To Heal Your Emotional Health

Emotional Health is an aspect of overall wellness. Our emotional well-being is key to how we interact with the world around us. It’s what determines how we react to things, how we deal with stressful situations and how we achieve our goals in life. There are many subconscious thoughts that determine how we view the world around us and how we view other people. These thoughts aren’t readily available to our conscious mind, therefore they can show up in our lives without us realizing. Using Hypnotherapy, you can begin to realize what lies within.

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There are many aspects to emotional health that affect our everyday lives. To begin to address how hypnosis can help you achieve breakthroughs in this area, we have broken down the individual issues that hypnosis can address.

 Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety Relief.

Learn how Hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress relief can change your life. Stress and anxiety have a way of crippling us from taking part in everyday life. They also can prevent us from achieving certain goals or dreams that we have. These types of emotions are not empowering and do not serve us in the long run. They also form from ideas we may have about ourselves, the world around us, and our families. In order to begin to break the cycle of stress and anxiety, it is important to understand the underlying ideas that cause them. These may not readily be available to us, but with a few sessions of Hypnotherapy, we can begin to unravel them.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy provides practical exercises to reduce stress.

The act of being hypnotized is relaxing in itself. It will provide stress and anxiety relief right away due to the fact that you’re going into a different state of mind. While hypnotized, you will be more likely to become aware of your physical body as well as ideas that are floating around in your head. This will give you a base for what being calm feels like, which can then be accessed at any time. There are many exercises that Dr. Joe Turiano can do to help you access this mindset in everyday life. These exercises are practical and useful. It may take several hypnotherapy sessions to achieve full understanding but the exercises will become apparent right away.

Hypnotherapy for PTSD

There is a PTSD treatment that works. One major health concern that has a skyrocketing level of incidence in the United States is PTSD. PTSD is now at levels that could be considered near epidemic among recently returning combat veterans of the US Military Forces. The level of incidence in the civilian population is high as well.

PTSD can ruin lives. PTSD has been conclusively linked with severe personal problems of nearly all kinds.

Among the problems that PTSD has been linked to include an increased risk for the following:

  • Depression – from 350 to 600% higher incidence than the general population
  • Substance Abuse Dependence or Addiction – 200 to 300% higher
  • Additional Diagnosed Mental Disorders
  • Academic Failure
  • Marital Problems and Divorce
  • Job Loss and Unemployment
  • Violence and Criminal Conviction
  • Suicide

PTSD Treatment

Treating PTSD with Hypnosis

PTSD is treatable, but there are numerous reports of dissatisfaction among veterans with the way that the Federal Government addresses the problem. Sometimes, veteran’s facilities are overwhelmed with cases and don’t have the proper resources to dedicate to each case. Other times, treatment regimens are seemingly ineffective. One common complaint among returning veterans with PTSD is that they are often prescribed medications, but given little else in the way of help, and the medications often seem ineffective in treating the problem.

In PTSD treatment with hypnosis, the problem can be addressed at its most basic level: the level of the mind and the thoughts associated with PTSD.

As a veteran of the US Navy, I have an understanding of some of the challenges that go with military service and adjusting to life after combat. I am also experienced at working with non-military trauma and PTSD. If you have an interest in exploring a different approach to treating PTSD that is meant to help actuate lasting changes, give me a call.

Hypnotherapy for Emotional Trauma.

Each of us has issues in our past for growth and learning. Sometimes, patterns related to trauma, difficulties in childhood, or adult traumatic experiences can lead to ongoing personal issues and difficulties. Hypnotherapy could be a good resource to begin to heal trauma from the past by using hypnosis for trauma therapy.

Understanding patterns

The goal of this form therapy is to understand and process these patterns and difficulties in a new and different way, leading you to help heal trauma, and achieve growth or understanding with the issue. In this approach, specific memories are reviewed, and new insights and perspectives are provided for the purpose of overcoming the things that create personal problems and negative patterns of thinking and action.

A Specific Goal

Rather than therapy that consists of talking without a specific goal, each session is aimed to address a specific issue. With the help of hypnosis combined with talk therapy, the path to success and freedom is defined clearly and can be accomplished in fewer sessions.




Did you know?
While it can be observed that addiction and other issues run in families, they are not necessarily genetic, and there are innovative, highly effective treatment options for them that are little known or understood by mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists.

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