What Happens in Hypnosis?

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When it comes to hypnosis, the most common thing that a Hypnotherapist or Hypnotist hears from clients is, “I don’t know if I can be hypnotized.” This is usually the result of the fact that the only thing that the average person knows about hypnosis is what he or she has seen in stage shows or movies, and might have some anxiety connected to the idea of losing control.

The experience of Clinical Hypnosis is not what it appears to be on the outside. It is not as radical as some people believe it to be, and it simply requires the ability to focus and relax. When we relax, we can actually enter into a better state of control. And relaxation can be far easier than we make it out to be. In Clinical Hypnosis, what we do and say is almost always easy to remember.

Clinical Hypnosis is mind expansion. It amplifies memory awareness. It can enable people to know about and understand important things that may not ordinarily be clearly understood. It can place the mind into a state of greater wisdom and deeper and more detailed understanding. It makes what is subconscious conscious. It can be compared to bringing up knowledge from the depths of the sea of the subconscious mind into the light so that it can be fully seen. When knowledge that is processed is returned to the depths of the mind, it can help to change the entire thought process of the person who works with it.

When hypnosis is used as a tool for mind expansion and learning, the results lead to healing and personal improvement. Clinical Hypnosis is a way to more fully integrate and understand the mind.

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