The Science of Past Life Regression Research

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Though it is not a matter of widespread public knowledge, the existence of past lives has been extensively researched on a scientific level. Past Life Regression Therapy is a method used to access these past lives.

Together with an entire research team organized by the University of Virginia, Dr. Ian Stevenson conducted a large body of research into the existence of Past Lives from 1957 to 2002.  He published a series of compelling books describing the nature of the evidence that he found, including Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, and Children Who Remember Previous Lives.  The research continues to this day, now conducted by his successors.

A detailed system is used to conduct the research.  Reports of cases of past life recall can be filed by people who wish to do so from all around the world.  When a promising report surface, the University sends out a research team.  The research team travels around the world and conducts extensive interviews of people who claim to consciously recall past lives, most of whom are children.  After the interviews are conducted, the team studies and collects all available evidence in order to test the accuracy of what has been recalled.  The team observes a rigorous set of standards and controls designed to guard against any fraud or false evidence of either an intentional or unintentional nature.  In quite a number of cases, the evidence collected has, in fact, strongly pointed toward the accuracy of the past life memories that the subjects did recall, and no coherent or supportable explanation exists to dismiss it.

Among the most interesting and compelling research conducted and recorded by Dr. Stevenson and his team is what is known as the “birthmark evidence” recorded in Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, where children remembered past lives that mostly ended in violent death, and exhibited birthmarks and birth defects that directly corresponded with the injuries that they received at the time of death.  In the cases involving birthmark or birth defect evidence, Stevenson and his team would interview individual the subjects with a specific emphasis on any memories of death that were recalled.  The team would then examine, photograph, and catalog the birthmark and birth defects of the interview subjects.   Following this, the team would then set out to find all available forms of forensic evidence that the death described had in fact occurred and that the known facts matched the memories that the children described.  The birthmarks and birth defects of the children were then compared directly with all available postmortem medical records of the individuals who they remembered having been in previous lives to see if any correspondence existed.  These records had not been available to the children who reported these memories prior to the time that they interviewed, and the possibility that they came to know of these cases through some outside means was always assessed and found to be virtually minimal.  In literally dozens of cases, these medical records showed a direct correspondence between the birthmarks or birth defects of the children and the fatal injuries received by the individuals that they remembered having been in past lives.  Children often exhibited birthmarks that resembled gunshots, knife wounds, and other injuries.  The injuries that caused the death of the people that they had remembered being were observed to be in the exact same areas, inflicted by the same means that were remembered.

The records of this work represent some of the most highly informative and thought-provoking evidence and reading on the subject of reincarnation in existence.

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