Hypnosis: What is it Really?

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Most people have seen stage shows where hypnotists are able to get people to engage in odd or humiliating behaviors.  This has led many people to believe that hypnosis is some kind of strange thing that causes people to lose control over what they are doing and become almost like puppets in the hands of the hypnotist.

What takes place in stage hypnosis has much more to do with stage magic than it has to do with clinical hypnosis.  It may provide laughs and entertainment, but there is deception going on.  Stage hypnotists are entertainers.  They know how to get an audience excited, but that is all that they are really interested in. They know how to trick both the audience and the people that they hypnotize.

Clinical hypnosis is something entirely different.  Most importantly, it does not involve foolish speech or behavior, or loss of control.  Clinical hypnosis involves a light state of trance that is an altered, focused state of consciousness.  It is a state where everything can be remembered afterward, and there is a constant awareness of what is going on.


There are two main purposes for using clinical hypnosis.  First, when a person is in a light state of trance, the mind becomes clear, and distractions disappear.  It is possible to see life in a better light. It is possible to understand one’s self more clearly.  It is possible to understand other important people in one’s life more clearly.  If mistakes have been made, it is possible to see more clearly why they have been made.  If good decisions have been made, it is possible to see more clearly why they were made and why they were for the best.  If there are memories in the subconscious mind that would be beneficial to see and understand, hypnosis can enable us to see and understand them, in a safe and beneficial way.  Clinical hypnosis clears up confusion and inner conflict.

The second reason for using clinical hypnosis is that the subconscious mind has a lot of power to help people to make changes.  If the ordinary conscious mind is in conflict with the subconscious mind, then it is very difficult to make changes.  But when the power of the subconscious mind is put into harmony with the positive intentions of the conscious mind, making changes becomes much easier.

Clinical Hypnosis is not a frightening or strange experience.  It is positive, beneficial practice that is meant to help people understand themselves and their lives, heal their issues, and accomplish their positive goals.   It is a way for people to unlock their true potential.

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